The study visits of Rev.Fr.Thomas Felix to various training and rehabilitation centers in more than 40 countries across the world gave a new insight to him. He pondered on the vast knowledge he received and developed a new philosophy of education and a new methodology to train the children with mental retardation, which is equally applicable with greater result in regular education system. In this, his main concentration is the basic shapes and colours which are existing in every concrete object. The shapes become the basic universal alphabets of education instead of alphabets of different languages. The traditional method of educating the children based on reading, writing and arithmetic is limiting the children and is not helping the total development of the person. Whereas, the education based on shapes and colours leads to the development of the person in his totality, as it concentrates on the development of basic human functions and develop his comprehension, competence and creativity (3Cs). Children can learn letters and numbers too through the shapes and it will enhance their thinking process.


The education based on shapes is applicable both in schools and in homes also, because the learning materials used for educating the children are the materials that are used in homes. The book “Home A School” is a clear guide for the parents to educate the children in their homes. This has helped several thousands of children across the country. In this way, there is no area where the mentally challenged children cannot be trained. It is through this training that these children could learn several nonparallel things like dance, including all types of classical dance forms, string and percussion instruments, horse riding, car driving, cycle repairing, automobile mechanism, agriculture, computer education, home management etc.