Jeevan Prakash Child Center is established in 1991 in collaboration with “Aktion Sonnenschein at Kinderzentrum” of Germany, this unique child center has facilities to examine and identify developmental disorders. Those found with disorders are given Vojta Therapy, Montessori Therapy and also Orofacial Therapy. From 1991 to 2012, a total of 13,958 children were screened at Jeevan Prakash and associated centers for developmental delays, out of which 5643 children received various services like Vojta, Orofacial or Montessori Therapy from the Jeevan Prakash Child Centre.



This is a special type of therapy found in Germany for development for detecting and manning motor disorders associated with Central Co-ordination Disorders (CCD). This German venture was brought to India Kerala for the first time by Rev. Fr. Thomas Felix CMI, so as to benefit hundreds of infants in India.


For many Cerebral Palsied children Orofacial dysfunction are a severe health problem these children suffer from drooling and eating drinking and articulation disorders. A stimulating Orofacial Therapy(according to Dr.Rodolf Castillo Morales) improves orofacial pathologies of children especially Down syndrome as early possible. Early Intervention methods employing the combination of Castillo Morales manual Orofacial Therapy and his specially designed palatal plate improves the well-known symptomatology of the open mouth, hyper’ salivation, protruding tongue and prevents secondary conditions like malocclusion and open mouth habit. It directly affects functions of lips tongue and cheeks while activating Orofacial function like sucking, swallowing chewing breathing, it indirectly affects the articulation.abnormal result Special Therapy like Montessori Therapy, Orofacial Therapy, Three C’s Educational Approach etc. will be given.


MONTESSORI THERAPY_is mainly for the mental improvement of a child Montessori therapy is based on the Concept and philosophy of Montessori educational principles of child development this concept is further developed as Montessori Medical Pedagogy to cater to the needs of child with various and multiple handicaps. The smallest learning steps in the exercise of practical life, sensory material Arithematic and language are to be transferred from the therapeutic to the home situation, parents receive clear therapeutic instructions from the therapist. It is absolutely necessary for the parents to work closely with the therapist for the success of therapy.


Physical therapy or physiotherapy is a health care profession primarily concerned with the remediation of impairments and disabilities and the promotion of mobility, functional ability, quality of life and movement potential through examination, evaluation, diagnosis and physical intervention.