Freedom Centre

CIMR’s National Center of Performing Arts for and by the Mentally Challenged is located at Kovalam, Thiruvananthapuram. Freedom Center is a symbol of National Integration for integration of mentally challenged children and their families as well to the nation as a whole. The center – open to children from all parts of the globe – offers long term training in various performing arts.

The Center has a wide range of musical instruments, ample learning space, and a well-equipped auditorium. Professional music teachers put in their hearts and souls into developing hidden talents.
Batches of mentally challenged children and their mothers from each state of our country have the facility to spend a week in Freedom Center for learning new ideas and exploring new possibilities in various forms of arts like Barathanatyam, Mohiniattom, Kuchupudi, Oddissy, Drum, Ballet, Folk dance, Cinematic dance and practice different musical instruments like Veena , Thamburu, Violin, Guitar, percussion instruments and jazz for development of the children. These mothers, who will note the development the Freedom Center has brought into the mentally challenged persons will become positively charged and will decide to teach their children their own rural arts and crafts. They also will take back new ideas and artistic skills with which they will teach other mothers in their area/locality. The continuous interaction like this will open up new possibilities which will become a trend that can bring about qualitative change in the life of mentally challenged children all over India.