National center

The center has been functioning since 1999 as a coordinating center for different programs for the mentally challenged children and their families. Union Ministry of Social justice and Empowerment decided to do a National project intending to identify and train the mentally challenged children across 23 states of India and CIMR was entrusted with the responsibility of implementing the project. Through this project CIMR could identify more than 40,000 families with special emphasis on the North Eastern area as well as Jammu and Kashmir. National Center, Delhi was the coordinating center for this program and project implementation.

Central Institute on Mental Retardation has mobilized volunteers from all over India, trained them in Delhi, Thiruvananthapuram and Guwahati. With the active involvement and participation of volunteers, mentally challenged children were identified and trained to integrate with the main stream. Shape- based teaching material and a hand book called “Home a School” were the tools for this training program for their children and their mothers.
As a follow-up of the National project, 30 centers with a minimum of 10 children were opened in Delhi. In Kerala also, more than 79 centers were opened in the 84 panchayats of Thiruvananthapuram district.On the whole this project was a great success which brought solace to thousands of mentally challenged children and their families.