Method of Teaching

The Three C’s Concept

Knowing the shapes (concept building), Making the shapes (carpentry and stitching), Selecting the shapes (Cycle assembling)and Combining the shapes (home management class which includes cooking, washing and ironing cloths, Bed making, cleaning Class rooms, bath rooms, toilet, surroundings etc.), academic, drawing and painting, health and hygiene, horticulture, time and money concept, General knowledge, sports and games (both indoor and outdoor), dance, vocal music and instrumental music (thabala, mridungam, guitar, jas, drums, organ, bongos, and harmonium) and Band.

Knowing The Shapes

It is the first class based on ‘shapes based curriculum’. Here we form ideas according to the basic shapes and colours. The shapes of concret objects are understood by the five senses. Learning through shapes, we aim at learning letters, numbers, reading and writing.

Making The Shapes

It is our second class. This class aims at ‘Making the shapes’ and ‘Giving shapes and forms’. Our intention is to prepare the person to make different shapes in different materials like wood, metal, paper or fibre and thereby making the person eligible for earning a living.

Selecting The Shapes

This is the third class. This class teaches the person to select the shapes according to our need. Here the students achieve the ‘decision-making’ power to select the necessary shapes and to eliminate the unnecessary ones.

Combining The Shapes

This is our fourth class. Here we understand the process of ‘combination of measurements’. We combine different shapes in order to make new materials. We mainly aim at ‘Home management’. We intend to prepare the person for Cooking, Cleaning, Working, Ironing, Bed making etc and thereby making the person eligible for a better life.

By attending the four classes, a person achieves a job, a home and the acceptance of the society. ‘Knowing the shapes’ class teaches the person reading and writing and thus we learn how to live in the society. ‘making-selecting’ class prepares the students to achieve a job or earning for their living without depending others or this class make you self-sufficient. Thus you can live in the society with self confidence without which we are not able to achieve anything in life. These classes equip you to face the challenges in life and thus you can fulfill your dreams.
The result of this method of teaching helps them to do such activities like Horse riding, Car driving, Farming techniques, all types of classical dance, Playing Instruments and music1.

Automobile Mechanism

Farming Techniques

Horse Riding

Therapeutic Horse Riding for the Mentally Challenged

This is another unique and highly successful initiative of CIMR.
The rocking and rhythmic motion that riding gives the students stimulates various and different centers of body and brain simultaneously, which is highly regarded as therapeutic. The purpose is to cater to faster development of the mentally challenged person.
Students are shown how to clean and brush the horse, how to give massage to the horse and the daily chores of keeping the stable clean and tidy. The purpose is to reduce the fear of the students about animals like the horse and assure them that we can build up friendship with them.
Harnessing and saddling processes are shown to students to make them understand and learn how systematically this has to be done so that we can lead a horse as we wish and ride it. The purpose is to give the students ‘confidence’ that they can lead a fierce horse by holding the rein with a definite length and strength.

All types of classical dance forms

Instrumental Music